So… I used to be a journalist. Actually, I feel like I’ll always be one. It’s a part of me, and is probably why I love writing and story-telling so much.

Here are links to any of my work (journalism or otherwise) that’s out there in cyberspace. Some is very old, and some is newish! More to come in the near future, I’m sure.


Hobby stores thrive during recession — Capital News Online

Editor’s Notebook — Capital News Online


Young PR Pros — podcast co-host

Canola in conflict — Capital News Online


Mapping Canada‚Äôs North — Capital News Online

Canadians give Afghans an online education — Capital News Online

Youth smoking study falls short, says school board — Centretown News

Anglicans grow impatient — Centretown News

University of Alberta students promote clay pots for clean water — University Affairs

Kestrel Nest Project aims to keep starlings in check — University Affairs

Great Unsolved Canadian Mysteries website brings history to life — University Affairs

British Columbia’s history, now online — University Affairs

Look, up in the sky! — University Affairs


Hillbilly Heroin — Capital News Online

No ReZone in Alta Vista

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