Sweet & Sour Cashew Chicken with Coconut Rice

By Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am having such incredible luck with recipes these days!

I hit another one out of the park. Sweet and Sour Cashew Chicken with Coconut Rice. Yeah, you’re right – it’s actually as good as it sounds.  If that’s even possible. It’s the perfect marriage of Nigella and Canadian Living (the rice beeing a Nigella find, the chicken being a Canadian Living one).

Cashew Chicken and Coconut Rice

Maybe it’s because me and my Long Lost Friend were starving, but this was way better than any other Asian chicken dish I’ve ever made before. And I can’t see how I’ll ever be satisfied with regular rice again. I am having the leftovers for lunch AND supper today. And I can barely wait!

On a serious note: you actually MUST make this recipe. You will thank me. It doesn’t call for anything too crazy either. I got my oyster sauce (which I had never opened until now, even though I must have bought it over a year ago) at the Dollarama. This is on Julia’s list of “must makes.” For sure.

Here’s the story. My Long Lost Friend picked me up from work and look me to get a 5kg bag of basmati rice. For ten dollars. Amazing! We then went home and cooked up a storm. It took over an hour, but it was so worth the wait. And I wasn’t going to put in the extra effort to make the special rice, but that was also totally worth it. It was actually heaven by the time we sat down to taste everything. Two phenomenal recipes!

My Other Half seems to believe my recent successes in the kitchen are because I am now “going the extra mile” with my recipes. Before, for example, I would skimp. If a recipe called for Swiss, I wouldn’t bother to go get it. I’d just use cheddar (big difference). Or if something called for a cilantro garnish, I’d just skip it. Or I’d just leave a fancy ingredient out because I couldn’t be bothered to find it. But now… the new and improved Julia goes ALL OUT for her recipes. And the results are pretty impressive.

Of course, I still take shortcuts. When I made cheesecake the other night, I didn’t have 3 tbsps of buttermilk, so I used 2/3 milk and 1/3 melted butter. Figured it was about the same thing.

Anyway… I am so happy with a) the amount of cooking I’ve been doing and b) the quality of the food I’m producing. Totally fabulous!

As for the recipes…

Coconut Rice
“For the rice – I sliced 4 spring onions and cooked in a little oil with 2 teaspoons of black mustard seeds for about a minute before adding 300g of basmati rice. After mixing i poured in 400ml of coconut milk and 600ml of freshly boiled water. Lid was put on and left on low for 15 mins at which point the water was all absorbed and rice broken up with fork and fresh juice of a lime added.”

And the Cashew Chicken. Here ya go!

  • Lauren
    January 28, 2011

    Julia (Child) Kent – thanks for the rice recipe. I have a digital scale and will bust it out for weighing ing. for the coconut rice …

    Applause for improvisation – but did you know that for buttermilk in baking, you can just 1 cup milk PLUS 1 Tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice (let stand for 10 minutes before using in recipe)…no butter in buttermilk 😉

    • kentjulia
      January 30, 2011

      Now that you mention it, I think I DID know that! I definitely have that tip written down somewhere. Thanks!!!

  • Muppy
    January 28, 2011

    this looks lovely, i made nigella’s tomato curry with her rice and it is delicious. But i love the look of this chicken, may have to give it a go!

    • kentjulia
      January 30, 2011

      I made the Tomato Curry two nights before I made this, but I didn’t make the coconut rice with it. It was also very good! I added broccoli, which I don’t; recommend because it turned the curry an ugly colour. I loved the contrast of the red and the bright green peas!

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