Yummy Dill Pickle Dip

By Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obviously if you make this recipe it doesn’t have to be for book club, but that’s what I did. Clearly.

I would also like to note that I considered tweeting Snooki from Jersey Shore about this Dill Pickle Dip because I know how much she loves pickles. I still might do it. Fact.

Dill Pickle Dip with veggies

So there was no picture to accompany this recipe, and it ended up looking very different from what I imagined. I also had to make some minor alterations, but in the end, it was fantastic. Big hit with the Book Club girls! (I should also note that Book Club remains to be the highlight of my existence. Another fact.)

I did some things wrong with this recipe and that might be why it ended up so watery, which is why I had to make alterations. First of all, I did not use tarragon vinegar. I looked for it, but I don’t know what it is or where to find it so I just used white vinegar. If I’d had to tarragon, I would have thrown that it, but I did not. Whoops! Secondly, I forgot to measure the tomatoes and just chopped an entire tomato and put it in without realizing. I also did not peel my tomatoes because I thought this was a completely ridiculous idea and considered shunning the recipe because of it (you know… like Dwight on The Office? Best show ever.) I also did not blanch the vegetables because I thought that, too, was stupid.

Anyway, I measured everything except the tomato, and the dip was SUPER watery. So I did the logical thing – I poured it into a strainer and let some of the liquid (not all of it) drain out. Then I added a little bit more mayo (the vinegar was too strong) and a pinch of sugar and some cornstarch. And it was great!

So basically what I’m trying to say is that I used this recipe as a base and then completely re-created my own Dill Pickle Dip. But whatever. Improvisation is the key to great food!

And the dip turned out great. I brought what was leftover (which wasn’t much, seeing as Roomie sat right next to the dip at Book Club. At least she was eating veggies!) for lunch on Monday and Tuesday.

One thing I will do differently if I ever make this again is that I will food-process the tomato and pickles. Finely chopping them was not enough – they need to be as microscopic as possible. Take note!

Anyway… I should have named this post “Ode to Snooki.” I’m still considering tweeting her about it! But that would entail following her… and I’m not prepared to officially admit to my Jersey Shore addiction in that way just yet. In yet… here I am writing about Snooki’s love for pickles on my cooking blog! Go figure.

  • slaing
    February 10, 2011

    Im actually craving this dip right now. Did you catch when I made “Roomies” switch me places to get closer to it? It happened. So many facts!
    Also, pureeing the pickles and tomatoes is a great idea too because while I like dill flavored things (chips, popcorn, dips, whatever) I have a mortal aversion to strait up dill pics. The mere thought of them just about makes me ralph, and whats more? I have friends who feel the same way. Contradictory? Yes. I dont care.
    Anyway, I will speak for the book club chicklettes in vouching for this one. Definitely a hit!

  • kentjulia
    February 10, 2011

    i love when you comment on my posts!!!

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