Chicken and Vegetable Coconut Rice

By Sunday, March 13, 2011

Note: This post was updated with new photography in September 2014!

I made this recipe close to a month ago (that’s how behind I am on my blogging), but after this post I am officially caught up!

Chicken Coconut Rice

It’s not vegetarian, but I only added half the chicken and I’m positive it would have been even better if I hadn’t added any meat at all. Just extra veggies! Meat seems out of place in this dish.

It’s got all the deliciousness of my last coconut rice recipe, but with added tastes, textures and nutrients of vegetables like bok choy and sweet potatoes. It was fun to cook (because it’s done in a non-traditional way) but it was super easy.

It’s very fluffy, moist and flavourful. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of good quality basmati rice – it makes the world of difference!

I love this recipe because it’s all done in one pot – you make the coconut milk mixture and then add the rice, let it sit, and add the bok choy on top so it steams. It’s really interesting how it all comes together.

CLICK HERE to get the recipe.



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