Two Amazing Pasta Recipes

By Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting into a groove when moving into a new house is tough. Especially when you’re as busy as I’ve been. Even though we’ve been in our home for more than a month now, it still feels new and I often feel like I’m never home. Unfortunately that means that my cooking routines that were pretty much second-nature in my old place have yet to become established.

Most days (except for weekends, even though they oddly feel as busy) begin with my getting up, arriving at work at 8am or just before, working all day (and sometimes squeezing in errands at lunch), rushing home to grab a bite to eat, and then heading off to soccer. By the time I get back, I have to shower and hit the hay because anyone who knows me at all knows that I am completely useless and dysfunctional without a proper 8-9 hours of sleep.

Ok, so now read between the lines: all of that means very little time for cooking.

Heavy sigh. Oh well, life goes on!

And of course I squeeze in as much cooking as I can, even if it’s only on Friday nights. My Canadian Living magazine still comes regularly (seamless transition to my new house, yay!) and I still make lists of things I want to try and make. These two pastas were just thank – recipes on my “to cook” list for months. And my Mama visiting was the perfect opportunity to try one of them!

I left Mama at home all day last Monday and put her to work. She cleaned and cooked and when My Other Half and I arrived home after work, supper was ready. How nice! I laid out all the ingredients for her before I left in the morning. And the recipe was fantastic!

Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Spaghettini was light, refreshing and delicious (the goat cheese was the best part). The only complaint we had was that it called for another 1/2 cup of cooking liquid to be added, and this was definitely not necessary. My old roomie had also made this a while back and said it was excellent too!

Thanks Mama for making us a fantastic meal! It was a great visit and I can’t wait until you come back!

This particular issue of Canadian Living also had another pasta recipe I was keen to try: Mushroom, Bacon and Swiss Chard Gemelli. It wasn’t nearly as good as Mama’s pasta, but it was still yummy. Again, I wanted the sauce to thicken up and didn’t add the suggested ½ cup of cooking liquid. Unfortunately I think – but I’m not sure – that I used bok choy instead of Swiss chard… how can you tell? Whoops!

Mushroom, Bacon & Swiss Chard Linguini |

Anyway, I am going to be trying to make some awesome new recipes from different blogs in the coming weeks. My boss recently showed me how to use Google Reader and it’s such an excellent way for me to track my friends’ blogs as well as the food blogs I love so much. As trusty as Canadian Living is, I need to branch out and live dangerously!


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