Margherita Pizza

By Monday, July 25, 2011

When I was in a small town of 500 people on the Adriatic Coast of Italy in 2005, there were a couple things I ate a lot of.

The most obvious was caprese salad – sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with a drizzle of olive oil and sometimes some basil.

The second was white wine out of a tumbler – strange, I know, but that’s what our house mother gave us. Often accompanied by fizzy water.

Thirdly, prosciutto was also served with every single meal. Prosciutto and caprese salad. I know it sounds amazing, but trust me, it wears on you after two weeks straight.

Another thing we ate a lot of were pastries – my favourites were croissants filled with chocolate. They were baked down the road at the local bakery, which was run by my house sister’s fiancé and his brother: the Mezzanotte family.

And last but not least, our house family tried to feed us rabbit… and I’m pretty sure the fur was still on it (well, it was at least still on its ears). That didn’t go over too well with me and my roommate Alyson. I don’t think we ate any of it.

But whenever we went out to eat, we always got pizza (this might be because it was traditional, but also maybe because we couldn’t read anything else on the menu). And of course, the go-to pizza in a small traditional Italian town was margherita pizza. Which was always delicious.

For the first time since being in Italy, I attempted to recreate this stereotypical dish. I used the Canadian Living recipe, but I cheated a bit and bought the thin-crust dough. I got to use basil that I grew myself (yum!) and included the black olives the recipe called for (but I wouldn’t use them next time).

Paired with a bottle of red wine, this is a simple meal with the most fundamental of Italian flavours. It definitely brought me back and made me miss my friends from Italy very much.

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