Julia’s 10 Favourite Recipes in 2012

By Friday, January 4, 2013

In my last post, I recapped the five most popular recipes on The Domestic Blonde in 2012. That was all about my readers – what you guys like.

This post is all about the recipes I loved this year. Unlike last year, my favourites don’t include any of YOUR favourites… which is kind of strange, but it also means you need to try these recipes and see what all the fuss is about!

1. Cajun penne with chipotle shrimp & chorizo

Hands down, this was my all-time favourite in 2012. I’ve made it countless times (my friends can attest – I think I’ve made it for almost all of them) and crave it on a weekly basis. I permanently have a mason jar of the sauce in my fridge. This devilishly-good pasta will undoubtedly continue to get play in the new year!

2. Creamy almond salad dressing

I’m not a salad person (mostly because I was force-fed them every night growing up), but I could eat a mountain of salad if it was smothered in this creamy, mouth-watering dressing. It honestly doesn’t get much better than this. Every time I serve it, people ask me for the recipe. Yum!

3. Buffalo chicken dip

In 2012, I embarked upon “the search for the perfect dip”, as you may recall. While I found a few I loved, this one was the star. Before your next night out on the town, do yourself a favour and pre-make it so that when you roll home hungry and tipsy, you can throw it in the oven and devour it. You’ll thank me.

4. Deluxe tomato soup

How can I put my adoration for this soup into words? I just can’t. It’s heavenly. I never want to stop eating it. It’s a tiny bit more work than the average soup, but it’s so worth it.

5. Southwest roast potato salad

Potato salad is a staple at any BBQ, and with this recipe I think the traditional dish was perfected. No joke – it’s the best potato salad I’ve ever had. It’s got heat, cream, crunch and can be served warm or cold. I love the blend of different potatoes (although you can use all the same) and all the flavours.

6. Bacon-wrapped water chestnuts

This isn’t really my recipe, but my big cousin De’s, but I blogged about it and loved it so I’m claiming it for my top 10. It’s just so easy and such a crowd-pleaser that I couldn’t resist. De made is over the holidays again and it re-kindled my affection for these mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres – yum!

7. Healthy energy bites

One of my favourite Pinterest finds in 2012! This is a “pantry superstar”, as Canadian Living would say. Most of the time I have all the ingredients laying around. I brought them to book club and they were a hit there too!

8. Leek, bacon and portobello carbonara

This recipe takes few ingredients (only six) and is pretty fast. It looks like a lot of work and has great presentation, but is actually quite easy!

9. Udon noodles with shiitake & chicken

Another mushroom favourite! I am determined to convince the masses. I made this again over the holidays for family and even my picky little sister ate the shiitakes – mostly because she couldn’t tell the difference between them and the chicken thighs, but whatever. This is easy (as long as you use scissors, like I do, for all the cutting) and unique. A tasty alternative to clichéd Asian noodle dishes!

10. Pot roast meatloaf

This barely squeaked into the top 10! The recipe truly is a keeper and another “pantry superstar”.  It’s a heavy comfort food, and a meal in itself. In 2013 I plan to make it with bacon too!

All of these recipes are timeless and ones I’ll continue to make for years to come. What do you think? Did you find any amazing recipes in 2012? Please share!


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