Candy Cane Vodka

By Friday, December 20, 2013

I made vodka.


Okay, well not really, but sort of.

Every year, The “Unputdownable” Book Club does a Christmas gift exchange. You know, the game where everyone brings a wrapped gift and then steals them from each other? So. much. fun. It’s actually one of my favourite Christmas activities. My work also does it and it’s hilarious.

This year I decided to make candy cane vodka, and wrap it up with a martini glass, crushed candy cane rimmer, and a recipe for a candy cane martini. Yum.

It was actually really easy, and tasted amazing. My friend Krista ended up with the gift, and the vodka was so good she thought she could drink it straight. Luckily we ended up persuading her to mix it with cranberry juice, which was delicious.


Candy Cane Vodka


  • 6 red/white candy canes, broken up
  • 375 ml plain vodka


  1. Whirl the candy cane pieces in a food processor until fine. Add to mason jar and pour vodka over top. Let sit for 30 minutes, shaking every so often. If there are undissolved bits, strain the vodka using a coffee filter. Seal and add to hot chocolate, coffee, or mix with cranberry juice and ice for a festive drink.


Adapted from Shutterbean


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