Jalapeño Cheese Tea Biscuits

By Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This recipe is exactly the same as The Best Cheese Tea Biscuits Ever… but the REMIX!

Jalapeno Cheese Tea Biscuits (2)

Before I get into this recipe, I should say two things – first, I’m sorry it’s Wednesday you’re not getting a cookie recipe. C’est la vie. Secondly, no, I am not paid by Kraft or anything to write this post, but I wish I was.

Moving on…

Jalapeno Cheese Tea Biscuits (1)

I DARE YOU to find me a better cheese tea biscuit than this one. After all, it’s my second most popular recipe of all time. And I just added jalapenos, so… game over. I win.

I looove these. Especially with the pepper flakes and Cheez Whiz with a kick.

Can I share a secret? All I really want to do is melt this Cheez Whiz and eat it with tortilla chips. And I might just do it. Don’t tell My Other Half.

Jalapeño Cheese Tea Biscuits
Recipe found by clicking HERE (just use Jalapeño Cheez Whiz instead of regular).

Jalapeno Cheese Tea Biscuits (3)

Happy Hump Day!


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